Günther Uecker

“The artist finds a variety of formations
and structures
that add up to icons
and which he succeeds in specifying.
He is the conductor of a creative process.
It is a matter of choosing between the sophistication of what is happening,
of going with the flow, of seeing yourself as being carried,
of exploring space,
of giving it a new interpretation in time.
Let us leave behind signs,
shifting, becoming blurred.
Let us quit the world of objects,
Let us penetrate through fences, boards and canvases,
we become invisibly visible
in a place where the world of silence reveals itself.
Remainders of a changing world,
let us leave them behind,
and let us not use them as walls or fences that make us blind,
let us not seek support,
but let us move.”

Günther Uecker, in: Günther Uecker, Eine Retrospektive, Exh. cat. Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung München, Munich 1993, n. p

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