Marc Chagall

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“Grand profil et nu rose” is a delightful and whimsical work by Marc Chagall. Created around 1977, the painting showcases Chagall’s signature style, which combines the visual language and perspectival devices of Cubism, Fauvism, and Surrealism.
This work on paper features a central figure in profile embracing a figure below. The composition is dynamic and full of movement, containing a group of angels that float around the upper sections of the page. Chagall’s use of colour is particularly striking, with the bold pinks and greens contrasting with the more muted greys and blues.
Chagall’s work often explores themes of love, religion, and the artist’s own personal history, and Grand profil et nu rose is no exception. The painting projects a joyful and playful spirit, reminiscent of other works created by the artist in the late 1970s. It carries a dreamlike quality, beckoning the viewer into a realm of fantasy and imagination.
“Grand profil et nu rose” showcases Chagall’s lasting impact on Modern art, with its vibrant palette and imagery promising to captivate and inspire generations to come – a testament to the artist’s timeless creativity.

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