Marc Chagall

In Chagall’s imaginative realm, the world is often a place that doesn’t adhere to the constraints of reality. This holds true in Nu au double-profil. Time is transient, vividly illustrated by a grandfather clock sprouting wings and soaring through the sky. Anatomy defies norms, presenting both male and female figures conjoined in a ‘double profile – a recurring motif in other significant Chagallian works.
Chagall distinctively includes a portrayal of himself (in the upper-left corner), fully immersed in painting a bouquet and a moon onto a canvas. These two motifs are mirrored outside the canvas, with a moon emerging on the right. A bouquet accompanies it, and its foliage seamlessly merges with the hair of the conjoined couple – a quintessential mergence of the human and the vegetal, a central feature of Chagall’s unique visual language.

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