Fritz Winter


Fritz Winter. Formwerdend. Malerei und Zeichnung. Niebüll, Richard-Haizmann-Museum, Sonderborg, Sonderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Landshut, Rathauskeller, Ahlen, Fritz-Winter-Haus, und Diessen/Ammersee, Fritz-Winter-Atelier, 2001/02, Kat.-Nr. 15, S. 52 Abb. S. 53

Who restricts reality? We do! Who expands it? We do too!”

Fritz Winter, 1935

It was from the Abstrakte Stillleben that Winter developed, in 1931/32,his first compositions on a dark background, which were to remain decisive for the entire 1930s. In 1932, the series of Sternbilder and the Biomorphe Ovale were created almost in parallel… Sometimes the surfaces are matt, sometimes they seem to be sealed with glossy black paint and reach their full aesthetic appeal only when viewed in the original. Rarely have microcosm and macrocosm been as close together as in these two series. Composer Hellmuth Christian Wolff, a close friend of the painter in Halle. remembered their time together: “At that time he liked to describe himself as a “Romanticist”, having much in common with this movement, especially through his close affinity to nature and its phenomena. He was extremely hard-working and endured the period after 1933 only by painting like a madman.”In the years that followed, when he had no further possibilities of exhibiting in Germany, Winter intensifed and varied central motifs of construction and transparency in monochrome compositions dominated by strong contrasts of light and dark.

Dr. Anna Rühl, Fritz-Winter Foundation, Munich

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