Franz Marc (1880 — 1916)

Pferdchen (Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon), 1913
Pencil on paper
12,1 x 15.2 cm


1880 — born on February 8th in Munich

1899 — Matriculation as a philology student. Decision to become a painter

1900 — studiedsat the Munich Academy with Gabriel Hackl and Wilhelm von Dietz

1901 — Italy trip with the older brother Paul

1903 — Longer stay in Paris and Brittany.

1904 — First of the 32 sketchbooks. Encounter with Annette von Eckhardt

1905 — Becomes acquainted with Jean Bloé Niestlé, who encourages him to show animals

1906 — Journey with his brother Paul to Greece and Mount Athos. Separation of Annette von Eckhardt

1907 — Beginning of the friendship with Maria Franck. Second trip to Paris

1908 — Drawing of a deer fries as the first major animal composition. Lithographs and animal sculptures are created

1910 — Relocation to Sindelsdorf. Friendship with Bernhard Koehler, who supports him financially, as well as August Macke and Wassily Kandinsky, whose work is of great importance for his artistic development. First exhibition at Galerie Brakl in Munich

1911 — Marries Maria Franck. Member of the “Neue Künstlervereinigung München”. Marc later resigns from the group alongside Kandinsky and others. Exhibition at Thannhauser. Co-fournding of  “Der Blaue Reiter”.“Der Blaue Reiter”’s first exhibition takes place in December

1912 — Trip to Paris with August Macke to visit Robert Delaunay. He becomes acquainted with the futuristic painting in Berlin on the occasion of the exhibition at  “Der Sturm”. Publication of the almanac “Der Blaue Reiter”. Second exhibition “Der Blaue Reiter”. First woodcuts arise

1913 — Together with Kandinsky, Klee, Kubin and Kokoschka plan for a Bible illustration. Marc chooses the first book of Moses and begins a woodcut sequence. Co-organization of the “Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon” in Berlin with Robert Delaunay, Herwarth Walden, August Macke and others

1914 — Relocation to Ried. Approach to non-figurative painting. In August Marc is drafted for military service

1916 — dies on the 4th of March