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Galerie Utermann was founded in 1853 in Dortmund and is still family led four generations later. Having taken over the mangement in 1972, Wilfried Utermann set the gallery´s focus on German Expressionism and Classical Modernism. The range was extended by Post war art in the eighties. Since then artists like Fritz Winter, Emil Schumacher and Karl Hartung are represented by the gallery. There is a close cooperation in the contemporary sector with the painter Horst Antes,   the sculptor Abraham David Christian, as well as with the studio Norbert Tadeusz.

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Art trade

“Art enthralls – tradition obliges”

This company motto has been valid for more than 150 years now. Our passion is for the art and its intermediation.

We maintain worldwide contacts with art experts, institutions and collectors and therefore are able to advise you competently on the purchase and sale of your artworks and on the build-up or the expansion of your collection.

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Christian Rohlfs: Magnolienblüte um 1937, Osthaus Museum Hagen

Christian Rohlfs archive

In a special manner the Galerie Utermann feels obliged to the oeuvre of the artist Christian Rolfs. The Christian Rohlfs archive in Hagen exists since 2011. It addresses itself to the scientific analysis of the extensive oeuvre of the artist. The expert committee consists of Dr. Birgit Schulte, Dr. Tayfun Belgin and Wilfried Utermann.