Erich Heckel (1883 — 1970)

Erich Heckel

„Landschaft“, 1922
Watercolour on paper
53 x 64,5 cm


1883 — Born on July 31st in Döbeln, Saxony.

1904 — Studies architecture in Dresden. Becomes acquainted with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Fritz Bleyl.

1905 — Founding of the “Brücke”.

1906 — Aquaintance with Max Pechstein and Emil Nolde. Friendship with Gustav Schiefler and Dr. Rosa Schapire.

1906—1910 — Recurring stays in Dangast and at the Moritzburg lakes.

1910 — Friendship with Otto Mueller.

1911 — Moves to Berlin. He meets Franz Marc and August Macke.

1912 — Participation at the “Sonderbundausstellung”, Cologne. Friendship with Lyonel Feininger and Dr. Walter Kaesbach.

1914—1918 — Voluntarily serves in the German armed forces in Flanders. Marriage with Hilde Frieda Georgi (Sidi).

1919—1920 — Founding member of the “Arbeitsrat für Kunst”. Member of the “Novembergruppe”, Berlin.

1919 — Exhibition at the Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover. Friendship with Paul Klee.

1937 — Occupational ban. Paintings are confiscated and shown in the exhibition “Entartete Kunst” (degenerate art).

1949—1955 — Appointment to the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe.

1956 — Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1957 — Awarded with the Art prize of Berlin.

1961 — Awarded with the Art prize of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

1965 — Honorary citizen of Kiel.

1967 — Awarded the medal “Pour le mérite”.

1970 — Dies in Radolfzell on January 27th