Fritz Winter (1905—1976)

Vorbeigleitendes Schwarz, 1953
Oil on canvas
114x 146 cm


1905 — Born September 22nd in Altenbögge.

1919 — Apprenticeship as electric locksmith.

1927-1930 — Studies at Bauhaus in Weimar.

1928 — Aquaintance with Naum Gabo.

1929 — First visit to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos.

1931 — Teacher at the Academy for Pedagogy Halle. First abstract paintings.

1933 — Moves to Allach near Munich with Margarete Schreiber-Rüffer and her son Klaus-Dieter Schreiber.

1936 — The family moves to Diessen near lake Ammer. Winter is accepted in the Reich Chamber of Culture as an artisan.

1937 — Occupational ban.

1939-45 — Military service in Russia.

1944 — Winter is wounded and is taken to a hospital. The series “Triebkräfte der Erde” evolves between September 1942 and spring 1944

1946-49 — Prisoner of War in Russia.

1949 — Founding member of the “Zen 49” group in Munich.

1950 — II. Biennale prize, Venedig. Aquaintance with Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages.

1951 — Awarded the prize of the German Artists’ Federation Berlin and the Domnick prize, Stuttgart.

1953 — Marries Margarete Schreiber-Rüffer. Guest lecturer at the State Academy of Art in Hamburg.

1955 — Professor at the Adademie für Visual Arts in Karlsruhe.

1958 — Death of his wife Margarete.

1959 — Winter marries Waltraud Schreiber, Margarete’s daughter from her first marriage

1969 — Awarded the Great Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

1974 — Death of his second wife. Founding of the Fritz-Winter-Foundation, München.

1976 — Winter dies on October 1st in Herrsching near Lake Ammer.