Hermann Max Pechstein (1881—1955)

Hermann Max Pechstein

Landschaft mit blühenden Bäumen und zwei Häusern, 1919
Watercolour and India ink on paper
37.8 x 49.2 cm


1881 — Born December 31st in Zwickau.

1896—1900 — Apprenticeship as stage painter.

1900—1903 — Studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Dresden.

1906 — Member of the artist group „Brücke“.

1907 — Aquaintance with Kees van Dogen in Paris.

1908 — Moves to Berlin.

1910 — Founding member of the „Neuen Secession“, Berlin. Aquaintance with Franz Marc and August Macke.

1911 — Marries Charlotte Kaprolat. Founds the MUIM-Institut (Institut for modern painting) together with Kirchner.

1912 — Participation at the Sonderbundausstellung, Cologne. Leaves the artist group „Brücke“.

1913 — Birth of his first son Frank.

1914 — Trip to the South Pacific and war captivity in Nagasaki.

1915—16 — Return to Berlin. Militaty service.

1918 — Founding member of the „November-Gruppe“ and the„Arbeitsrat für Kunst“, Berlin.

1921 — Divorce from his wife Lotte.

1922 — Member of the Preußische Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Apointed Professor.

1923 — Marries Martha Möller.

1926 — Birth of his second son Max.

1937 — Exclusion from the academy. 326 works were confiscated by the Nazi regime.

1945 — Prisoner of War in Russia. Return to Berlin. Appointed Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts in Berlin.

1947 — Honorary citizen of Zwickau.

1951 — Honorary citizen of the Academy of Visual Arts in Berlin.

1952 — Awarded the Great Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

1954 — Art prize of the city of Berlin.

1955 — Dies on June 29th in Berlin.