Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956)

Lyonel Feininger

Stadtkirche, Weimar I, 1929
Charcoal on laid paper
37.5 x 29 cm


1871 — Born in New York on July 17th.

1888 — Moves to Berlin. Studies at the Royal Academy of the Arts, Berlin.

1891 — Studies at the private art school run by the painter Adolf Schlabitz

1901 — Marries Clara Fürst. Birth of the first daughter, Lore.

1902 — Birth of the second daughter, Marianne.

1905 — Feininger meets Julia Berg, a young painter. He leaves Clara.

1906 — Feininger moves into a studio. He meets with artists from Matisse’s circle, Hans Purrmann, Rudolf Grossmann, Oskar Moll, Rudolf Levy. He becomes acquainted with Robert Delaunay and makes friends with Robert Götz and Jules Pascin. His son Andreas is born.

1908 — Marries Julia in London.

1909 — The second son, Laurence, is born. Feininger joins the “Berliner Secession”.

1910 — The third son, Lux, is born.

1911 — In May, Feininger exhibits six of his paintings in the “Salon des Indépendants” in Paris.

1912 — The beginning of a close friendship with Alfred Kubin. Feininger becomes acquainted with the work of Heckel and Schmidt-Rottluff.

1917 — Interned after the USA enters the war.

1919 — He becomes a master craftsman for graphics at the Bauhaus

1921 — Feininger composes his first fugue.

1924 — Together with Kandinsky, Klee and Jawlensky he founds the group Blaue Vier.

1926 — Moves to Dessau. Feininger is a non-teaching master craftsman at the Bauhaus.

1928 — Awarded a gold medal and the Düsseldorf prize for the painting Architektur III.

1932 — The Bauhaus in Dessau is closed.

1933 — In March Feininger leaves Dessau and returns to Berlin.

1936 — Feininger holds a summer class at Mills College.

1937 — Leaves Germany. Summer at Mills College.

1943 — Feininger receives the Worcester Museum of Art prize.

1944 — Feininger meets Mark Tobey and Fernand Léger.Together with Marsden Hartley he has a major retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by Alfred Barrs.

1945 — During the summer Feininger holds a summer class at Black Mountain College, North Carolina.

1947 — He is elected President of the Federation of American Painters and Sculptors.

1956 — Feininger dies in New York on January 13th.