The avant-garde artists’ group “SPUR” was founded in Munich in 1957 on the initiative of Erwin Eisch, Heimrad Prem, Helmut Sturm, HP Zimmer and Lothar Fischer, all of whom studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. One year later they published a manifest containing 21 theses, in which they opposed some tendencies of abstract art and announced a multidimensionality of art. All the artists in the group have stylistically captivating tendencies in terms of colour and space, as well as a lively and mobile brushstroke. The group causes a great stir with the sixth issue of their magazine “SPUR”, because of which charges of blasphemy are brought against Dieter Kunzelmann, Helmut Sturm, Heimrad Prem and HP Zimmer. Lothar Fischer is excluded from these charges as he is in Rome at the time of publication. After several trials, the charges are finally dropped. In 1965, the Munich artist groups “SPUR” and “WIR” merged to form the new group “GEFLECHT”, which, by 1968, had dispersed.



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